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To be honest, I’m not too familiar with Polaroids, and for some of the “higher end” Polaroids, you might have to buy film via the Impossible Project. In the end, it’s pretty expensive, and I honestly am not sure how worth it is (similar results with VSCO and other film emulation platforms). 

If you really do want the instant look, I think fuji has a few good options. 


I think it’s a great starter camera if you go Nikon. If you go Canon, check out the T3i/T4i/T5i. 

Either way, I recommend getting a prime lens instead of the kit lens. The kits aren’t the best, and you’ll outgrow it quickly. 


Hi Alisha. Thanks for the follow + checking out my work. 

Penn definitely does have a lot to offer, even if you aren’t majoring in photography (which I am not). Since there are so many clubs and frats/sororities, there are a lot of opportunities for smaller paid gigs. You could also get involved in the many magazines at Penn (or the Daily Pennsylvanian, the newspaper). I recommend checking out The Walk Magazine and Penn Appetit which are two of the better magazines for photography. 

Also, if you’re looking for more info on photo opportunities a shameless plug, here’s an interview I did with The Walk:

Good luck.