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commercial photography and film. i sometimes write.

Thank you for the kind words, Sohyung. I’m glad to hear you like my work. 

I gave a quick look at your page, and I think you have some great some great work. The b&w of the girl with Ray Bans is especially nice. For general advice, I recommend just continue shooting as much as you can, experimenting, and enjoying all of it. In my opinion, there’s really no right way to approach photography.

If you have any specific questions, let me know.


Thanks for taking a look! 


I do own a Chemex. It’s pretty fantastic. Recently got into pourover, and it’s been amazing so far. By “good coffee”, I guess it does. I think there are a lot of other variables, like water quality, bean quality, water temp, etc that go into making a good cup. Not an expert, but just from what I’ve learned. 


On lenses, it really depends what you want to do. The 50 1.4 is great. Maybe look into a good zoom, like a 17-55 2.8 or the 24-70. 

Light-wise, it also depends on what I’m shooting. Generally, I go for nice, clean, even light, but there’s no magic formula. I also use monolights, which obviously allow for modifying a location.