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commercial photography and film. i sometimes write.

Google invited me to shoot for one of their Doodle 4 Google awards ceremonies. They used to be huge events, but I think they’ve scaled back recently.

I’m looking for an assistant for an upcoming shoot in Manhattan on Saturday, July 12th. If you’re interested, email me: cody [at] codymin [dot] com


Depends on what you’re trying to shoot and what you already have. I’ve heard good things about the 24-105, though. It’s probably a nice travel lens and good for run-and-gun video. However, by going body only, you could save some $ and get a 24-70 or a 17-55. Honestly, it depends on what you already have. Let me know and I can try to help give more specific suggestions. 


Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad to provide some sort of visual stimulation and interest. I appreciate the follow!